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Welcome to Culligan Water Conditioning                                of Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701

At Culligan of Cape Girardeau Missouri, we're commited to just one thing: improving your water.  We are the leader in the water treatment industry, providing the finest products and services available.  We are a family owned company that places a high value of integrity and excellence through all aspects of our business. We are dedicated to exceeding customer and employee expectations.  We have been proud to be your water expert in Cape Girardeau and surrounding areas for 41 years.  Our products and services include water softeners; water filtration systems, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, bottled water and salt delivery. 

Are you suffering from dirty water, rust and stains? Culligans line of water filters, purifiers and whole house water filtration systems can handle even the toughest water problems and will provide great tasting drinking water to the whole family.  Start saving money with a Culligan water conditioner. Rest assured that Culligan products are built to last and we have the best service technicians in the industry.

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Hard Water Spots   

 If your Dishes Have Spots, Call Us.  Minerals in your water can build up on your glassware, shower door, fixtures, clothes or other items throughout your home.  Hard water leads to higher electric and gas bills. and it can shorten the life of your appliances.  

A Culligan Water Conditioner, will remove these minerals from your water so they don't stick to anything that touches water in your home.

Bad Tasting/Smelly Water

Before water enters your home, it can pick up contaminants from the water souce or by many miles of city pipes buried underground.  While contaminants may not be in your water, many municipalities add chlorine to offset any problems caused by these contaminants. Water Impurities like sulfur, chlorine, iron and the presence of other chemicals can lead to rotten-egg, fishy and chlorine ordors in your water.

Culligan water systems can remove all kinds of impurities.  Whole house carbon filters, reverse osmosis drinking water systems or water conditioners may solve your problem.

High Iron Content

Rusty drains and fixtures are the result of iron in your home's water.  Left unchecked, this iron will stain everthing water touches.   Your Culligan Man has the systems to prevent red stains, to save you time and money on cleaning.

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Acid Stains

Stop Springing Leaks.  Tap water containing acids will leave green-blue stains on fixtures and surfaces in your home.  Cleaning this blue stain is not easy.  But appearances are not the only issue.  This "blue" or "blue-green" stain is actually the copper in your pipes being eaten away by the acid.  Left unchecked, it could cause a pin-hole leak in your pipes.  Your Culligan Man has the system to solve your water problems.